Best Gas Grills With A Rotisserie Burner

Rotisserie cooking is done around the world, though the French would claim that they made it popular with their love of slow-roasted chicken.

A lot of people who get the taste of rotisserie chicken, turkey, and pork keep coming back for more. So, it’s no surprise that it’s become a vanguard trend in the world of outdoor cooking.

Just like any great project you need the right tool for the job. The last thing you want to do is invest your hard-earned money in a gas grill with a rotisserie only to have it let you downtime and time again.

If you have gotten a taste of succulent rotisserie meat and you are willing to take the plunge in your own back yard, then you might be wondering what is the best gas grill with a rotisserie?

One of the best gas grills with a rotisserie on this list is the Weber Summit. However, if you’re thinking about building an outdoor kitchen, the Napoleon Prestige really shines through with its stainless steel accent lights and state-of-the-art infrared rotisserie burner. Though these aren’t the only great options worth considering.

So, we put in the leg work to review several gas grills with a rotisserie to find some of the best ones for you to consider.

Along the way, we made sure to look at the overall functionality of the gas grill itself, as well as the characteristics of the rotisserie that came with it.

These are the best Rotisserie Burner Gas Grills you can buy in 2020:

1:Best Overall: Weber 7271001 Summit E-470 4-Burner Natural Gas Grill

"A high-quality natural gas grill with a convenient “Tuck-Away Rotisserie System” that keeps the spit at your fingertips when you want it, and leaves it out of the way when you don’t."

2: Best 4 Burner: Monument Grills 17842 Propane Gas Grill with Rotisserie

"A high-quality natural gas grill with a convenient “Tuck-Away Rotisserie System” that keeps the spit at your fingertips when you want it, and leaves it out of the way when you don’t."

3: Best Built-in: Napoleon BIP500RBPSS-3 Stainless Steel Propane Gas Grill Head

"If you’ve been thinking about installing your own built-in gas grill, then it’s downright hard to take your eyes off the Napoleon Prestige."

4: Best 5 Burner: Broil King 958944 Regal S590 Pro IR Propane Gas Grill

"A very versatile gas grill with a rotisserie and an impressively engineered grease management system."

4 Best Gas Grills With Rotisserie Burner In 2020

1: Weber 7271001 Summit E-470 4-Burner Natural Gas Grill

The Weber Summit E-470 natural gas grill was engineered with a special “Tuck-Away Rotisserie System” which does a great job of keeping the rotisserie out of your way when you just want to use it as a standard grill.

Yet the rotisserie system and all its components are always close at hand.

This rotisserie system includes a flip-up motor as well as a separate spit and fork which can be conveniently stored in the enclosed cart.

Weber is one of the true giants in the grilling industry, so it’s no surprise that they would offer a rotisserie with the Summit which is at the top of their line.

They also take it a step further with this unit as it’s plumbed for natural gas.

As soon as you get your hands on it, you’ll feel the Weber Summit E-470’s build quality.

The gleaming black powder coat, the shimmering stainless steel, and the way it sits firmly in place all tell you that Weber got it right the first time with the Summit E-470.

They further back up this statement with an impressive 10 years of warranty coverage.

Under the hood, there are four independently controlled natural gas burner elements. I really like how this lets you easily create dual heat zones for hybrid grilling or simply cooking two different cuts of meat that need different cooking temperatures.

The porcelain-coated grill grates are also a nice touch. They keep meat from sticking and make for easy cleanup.

What We Liked

  • The Tuck Away Rotisserie System is conveniently close at hand when you want it, yet disappears when you don’t.
  • The porcelain-coated grill grates have superior non-stick properties.
  • The grease management system is large enough to handle the drippings from a rotisserie chicken.
  • It uses clean-burning natural gas.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The 10-foot natural gas hose is a little short for times when you want to move the grill around.
  • The BILT assembly app for the Weber Summit E-470 feels a little bit like it’s still in the Beta testing stage.


I like pretty much everything about the Weber Summit E-470. It has the clean-burning BTUs of natural gas, a robust rotisserie that conveniently tucks away, and a grease management system with impressive capacity.

I thought the porcelain coated grill grates were also a nice touch, as I hate having to scrape endlessly after a good grilling session.

Yes, the price is a little high, and it’s probably not the ideal gas grill for a small deck or patio.

Still, you can look past those minor faults for a high-quality grill backed by an industry-leading warranty program.

2. Monument Grills 17842 4 Burner Propane Gas Grill with Rotisserie

The rotisserie system on the Monument 17842 propane gas grill  does take a little bit longer to set up than some of the competitors in this price range that has tuck away systems or folding rotisserie components. 

Though once it is set up the rotisserie spit and the spit jack motor are robust and hold a bird firmly in place.

The spit rod is also long enough to handle two to three Cornish game hens.

The impressive stainless steel gleam of the Monument Grills 17842 is more than just a little eye-catching.

Not only does it speak to the superior build quality of this propane grill, but it also doubles as a conversation starter the next time you host a cookout.

Inside the firebox, there are four independently controlled propane burners. Each is linked to its own igniter.

I really like how this lets you create dual temperature zones for hybrid grilling. 

If I want to make a bone-in piece of meat like chicken drumsticks, I just set up the left-hand side of the grill on medium-low heat to make sure the meat is safely cooked all the way to the bone.

Then I fire up the right-hand side on high heat to mark off the skin. The 513 square inch stainless steel grill grates give you more than enough room to cook for a massive number of people.

I also really like the propane burner tastefully disguised in the right-hand side table. It lets you use the shelf to hold serving and prep platters when you want it, yet you can just as easily flip it open to make your side dishes.

It’s a great option for doing things like sauteing vegetables or boiling corn without having to frantically run back and forth to the kitchen.

What We Liked

  • The side burner is incredibly convenient for letting you prepare side dishes without having to leave the grill side.
  • The rotisserie is large and strong with plenty of room to accommodate multiple game hens or a large broiler-fryer chicken.
  • The stainless steel construction speaks to the overall build quality of the Monument Grills 17842.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The stainless steel grill grates can be a little stick at times. Especially if you have a bad habit of scraping them down with steel wool or a wire grill brush.
  • The grease management system on the Monument Grills 17842 is a little small and might need to be poured out in the middle of a long rotisserie roasting session.
  • The rotisserie itself takes a little longer than some of the competitors to fully set up. It also doesn’t have a counterweight, so you’ll have to be careful when you skewer the bird the first time.


If you set it up right the Monument Grills 17842 will come through for you in spades both as a gas grill and a rotisserie. The stainless steel construction speaks to the overall build quality and long-lasting value to give you an impressive return on your investment.

3. Napoleon BIP500RBPSS-3 Built-in Propane Gas Grill Head

Right off the bat, I love the fact that Napoleon uses an infrared rear rotisserie burner in the Prestige. Infrared technology is more than just astonishingly hot.

It also affects meat differently than the open flame you get with a lot of charcoal and traditional gas grills.

An internal propane flame heats up the special infrared element, which emits heat in the infrared spectrum. 

Since it’s not a direct contact flame it means the heat from the Napoleon Prestige’s rotisserie burner doesn’t affect the natural moisture barrier of the chicken or roast on the spit.

This means more flavorful juice and succulent rendered gelatin stay inside the meat giving you moist meat with every bite.

Napoleon is a name you can trust for high-quality grills and grilling accessories.

The Napoleon Prestige lives up to its name as one of the most impressive stainless steel grill heads for an outdoor kitchen in the grilling industry today. 

Not only does it have four stainless steel propane burner elements, but the Napoleon Prestige also makes use of cutting edge infrared technology for the rotisserie burner.

The hallmark “Wave” patterns of the stainless steel grill grates impart a visually interesting sear.

They also help divert drippings away from the four-burner elements to make for incredibly easy cleanup. The grill grates are also large, providing up to 760 square inches of grilling space.

It’s important to note that this is a grill head that’s meant for an outdoor kitchen or grill station. So, take the time to think about where you are going to install it.

You might even want to think about having a professional contractor handle the installation for you.

What We Liked

  • The overall build quality and the warranty protection program of the Napoleon Prestige speaks to its long-term value.
  • The Wave pattern of the grill grates makes visually interesting lines, while also helping with even cooking as well as clean up.
  • The infrared rotisserie burner makes for a much juicier bird than a lot of traditional rotisserie burners that have a knack for burning the skin before cooking through to the bone.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Assembly and installation can be a little tricky. If you’re building an outdoor kitchen for the first time, you might want to contact a professional contractor to make sure the job gets done right.
  • There isn’t a natural gas conversion kit for this grill. It’s available in propane or natural gas, but it can’t be converted via an accessory kit like a lot of other grill heads.


If you’ve been thinking about installing your own outdoor kitchen, then it’s downright hard to take your eyes off the Napoleon Prestige.

It has the looks and the functionality you need to take your outdoor cooking game to the next level. I also can’t speak highly enough about the benefits of the infrared rotisserie burner!

4. Broil King 958944 Regal S590 Pro IR Propane Gas Grill

The rotisserie on the Broil King Regal S590 occupies the same area as the warming rack. This means you’ll need to uninstall one to use the other.

The electric motor is very efficient, though I found the short power cord to be a little bit frustrating.

Here again, the grease management system built into the Broil King Regal S590’s firebox is handy.

It diverts the drippings from a broiler-fryer chicken or a roast without making a major mess in the bottom of the firebox like you get with some rotisserie gas grills.

Broil King is one of the up-and-comer names in premium grills and grill accessories. So, it’s no surprise that they are offering their premium Regal S590 propane grill at a great-value price.

Especially considering everything you get with this stainless steel gas grill.

Standing in front of it the Broil King Regal S590 is huge! It even tips the scales at 215-pounds.

If you are going to put it together yourself, you will want to recruit a friend or two to help. 

Inside the firebox, there are four independently controlled propane burners.

I like how they are laid out, each with their own igniter to let you develop multiple heat zones across the large 625 square inch grill grates.

There’s also a side burner with an infrared element built into it. When properly preheated, this single burner is capable of producing temperatures up to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is the sort of thing you just can’t do with a conventional gas grill.

It’s the perfect way to sear off a steak or make an appetizer of Japanese yakitori. Though the process of converting it from a side table to a high-heat infrared burner does take a little longer than some other flush-mounted side burners.

There’s also a nicely engineered grease management system built into the lower portion of the firebox.

This takes grease away from the propane burner elements and deposits it in an internal receptacle where it can’t cause unnecessary flare-ups.

What We Liked

  • The grease management system makes cleanup easy. It’s especially handy if you are roasting a large bird or a fatty piece of meat.
  • The infrared side burner is incredibly hot and sears off a perfect steak. You could just use it to make a quick burger patty or two for a Monday night supper, without having to fire up the rest of the burner elements.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The overall weight makes assembly nearly impossible for one person to do on their own.


The Broil King Regal is a great grill for the price. You get pretty much everything you need to cook for you and your significant other or to host the next big family cookout. The rotisserie is efficient without a lot of bells and whistles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need A Grill Rotisserie With A Counterweight?

Technically, no you don’t have to have a counterweight on your gas grill’s rotisserie. Though they do come in handy. With a counterweight attached the electric motor stains less and will last longer. 

Uneven pieces of meat like a broiler-fryer chicken are also less likely to get jammed up or stuck spinning on the spit with a counterweight installed.

If you are in love with a rotisserie gas grill and the spit doesn’t have a counterweight included in the purchase, you might be able to simply purchase an aftermarket counterweight at very little added cost.

You can also hedge your bets by trussing the chicken and tying it for more even balance on the spit.

How Hot Should A Rear Rotisserie Burner Be?

At first glance, a lot of people see a rear burner as an absolute requirement for a rotisserie gas grill.

Though I’ve found that if you leave the rear burner on the whole time that you tend to get a chicken where the skin burns before the meat inside is cooked all the way through to the bone.

I’ve found it’s easier to start out with the rear burner on medium-low for 20 to 30 minutes, and then the two propane elements at each side are then set to low.

After half an hour or so, turn the rear burner off completely.

The ambient heat and the low flame from the two active burners in the firebox will help cook the bird through to the bone.

Once you hit 165-degrees in the thigh meat, you can turn the rear burner back on again to medium. This will nicely crisp the skin and impart caramelized flavors without burning the exterior of the meat.

Why Does Grill Rotisserie Meat Sometimes Have A Gas Flavor?

A slight “Butane Flavor” is one of the common complaints you get with meat that is slow-cooked on a propane grill.

This is due to the oxidation process that occurs when propane is burned. When set too low a propane burner can’t fully burn all the hydrocarbon chains released by the pressurized liquid propane tank.

Some of these free-floating hydrocarbon chains land on the meat.

It’s worth noting that this doesn’t happen with natural gas, as it has less energy density than propane and tends to burn cleanly.

If you are going to set a propane burner element or two to low heat for rotisserie cooking, make sure that it’s turned up enough to produce a rich blue flame with little to no hints of yellow. This ensures full oxidation of the hydrocarbons in the flame for clean tasting meat.

What Makes Rotisserie Chicken Better Than Cooking It On The Grill?

When you grill a whole broiler-fryer chicken on a grill, gravity is inevitably going to pull the natural juices out of the meat.

The rendered fat is also more prone to flare-ups. With a rotisserie chicken, the rotating motion keeps more of the rendered fat and gelatin in the meat itself. This gives you a soft, juice piece of meat with every bite.

What Can I Do With Excess Rotisserie Drippings?

While rotisserie chicken holds more moisture than a traditional grilled chicken, there is still a fair amount of fat and gelatin that will drip out.

A gas grill with a thoughtfully engineered grease management system will usually take care of this problem for you. All you have to do is pour out the grease trap at the end of your grilling session.

Though it’s worth noting that those drippings are very flavorful.

In fact, if you walk into just about any reputable rotisserie chicken restaurant in Paris, France, you will find a bin of some kind under the rotisserie spit filled with potatoes, herbs, and drippings.

The potatoes cook in the rendered chicken fat for an amazing flavor.

I love to replicate this same thing with a heavy-duty aluminum foil pan filled with some quartered red potatoes and julienned yellow onions, with a dash of fresh parsley and rosemary from the garden.

A few baby carrots also add to the equation. This way I get a great side dish made at the same time as the rotisserie bird, without having to leave the grill side.


There certainly are a lot of great gas grills with rotisserie accessories on the market today.

If you’ve got the budget and you really want a high quality, versatile gas grill, then the Weber Summit might be the best gas grill with a rotisserie for you.

It’s great for making grilled hamburgers for a Tuesday night supper. Yet you can deploy the rotisserie at a moment’s notice for roasting a perfect bird on a Sunday afternoon.

If you’ve had your eye on building an outdoor kitchen, and you are ready to step up to the ultimate in quality grill heads, then the Napoleon Prestige is likely the best gas grill with a rotisserie for you.

Not only is it a high-quality, stainless steel grill, but it also makes use of cutting edge infrared technology, to give you a supremely juicy bird. Just consider having it professionally installed right the first time.

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